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We host recommendations, reviews, and ratings of users.

For the purposes of this site, since this is an opinion-based site, we treat every recommendation, review, and rating as a story, purely for entertainment only. We imply nothing else. This means that users are assumed to recommend, rate, and review based on their own personal experienc-es, which they have acquired from their own perspective, and may be one-sided. Users are ad-vised to prepare themselves, if logged in, for the possibility that some 'information' about them-selves and others may not be true.

This site may contain explicit language posted by users, but this is not sanctioned by us. The writing contained in this site is in no manner intended to depict or describe any individual, in a pa-tently offensive way, as specifically defined as unacceptable by applicable state laws. All infor-mation presented on this site is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitu-tion.

Recommend Me is not associated with any person reviewed on this site. Therefore, everything contained here is to be regarded as fiction, and is for your entertainment and amusement only.

By joining this site, you are agreeing that your local community permits you to view it. You are knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily consenting to view, and to being recommended, re-viewed, and rated on this site. If applicable, you have instituted an effective method of monitor-ing the use of the Internet, and this site in particular, by persons under 13 years of age.

This site does not tolerate cyber-bullying, slander, or libel. All threatening remarks must be re-ported and will be removed. If any remarks are found to be inconsistent, they are open to being disputed and removed, and may lead to banning from the community.

The Rules

  • Users who log on to recommend, view, review, rate, up vote, or down vote are not exempt from being recommended, viewed, reviewed, rated, up voted, or down voted themselves. Once you log on, your profile is automatically created. Therefore, if you do not want to be recommended or reviewed, do not log onto this website.
  • First hand accounts only are permitted. If you have never met someone, then your opinions about them are founded on rumor, and you should not rate or recommend them. Only if you have experienced the person yourself, and physically met them, can you recommend, re-view or rate them.
  • Users can only recommend, review, and rate someone else once. You can edit your re-commendation/review, or change attributes any time. However, only one recommendation or review is allowed per person, and only one attribute per section. Users can reply to the comments of another, as well as up vote and down vote on other attributes
  • Users can dispute or remove any recommendation or review that does not fully reflect their personal experience.
  • Fake profiles must be reported. To report a profile, contact us or go to the profile and click on Report Profile. Any fake, repetitious, or suspicious logins from Facebook, Google +, or Linkedin accounts will be removed.
  • Please make sure your contributions are relevant and appropriate.
  • No slander or libel. Slander is the making of false and damaging statements about someone. Everyone has an opinion, but if an opinion is found to be unfair or be based on an untruth, it will be reported and removed. Libel is a published false statement that is damaging to a per-son's reputation. Again, something has to be true in your own personal experience to post a recommendation. If it is considered false, it is open to being removed or disputed by the user concerned. We have the right to remove anything that we regard as damaging to someone's reputation.
  • References to children will be deleted and the user will be banned.
  • Cyber-bullying is not tolerated. Recommend Me is not a place to torment, harass, or threaten other people; it is a place to be objectively honest about the traits of your peers, friends, fami-ly members, and acquaintances. Any instance of cyber-bullying should be reported, so that the user can be banned.
  • Threats are not allowed, and are taken very seriously. Any instances of threats will be report-ed to the authorities in your area.
  • No sexual experiences, pornographic recalls, or associated visuals are allowed. Keep it clean. If found, the offending user will be banned.
  • No photos or revenge porn are allowed in the recommendation and review section. The only thing the user can change is their profile picture.
  • No name calling, hateful language, or racist, sexist, or misogynist insults. If this is the only way you can describe someone, please don't log in; instead, get more information about bul-lying here.

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