How do I create an account?
If you are 13 years of age or above, you can connect to the site with your personal Facebook Google+, or Linkedin account. Once you log in, your account will automatically be created. At that point you can add your full name, location, and other information.

How do I remove an account?
If you wish to remove your account, simply click on 'Remove Account' at the bottom of your profile page.

Can I search for people without logging in?
Yes, but you must be logged in to see profiles that are private.

How do I report a false claim, libel, or slander?
You may dispute any review on your profile. To dispute a recommendation, click on the dispute button below that recommendation.

I have been cyber-bullied. What should I do?
You should email us directly to report the user, and go to here for additional help.

How many times can I up vote or down vote on my profile, or any other profiles?
You can up vote or down vote once only. You may also change your vote any time.

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